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Distribution map of listed enterprises in China's aerospace industry

Issuing time:2022-03-23 13:23

On March 23, 2022, the aviation Industry network team completed the compilation of the Distribution Map of Listed Enterprises in China's Aerospace Industry.   


Contents summary   

Based on the aviation industry database with independent intellectual property rights of the aviation industry network, the distribution Map combines the relevant data and public information of more than 4,000 listed companies in China with the internal logic and industrial chain of the aviation industry chain according to the aviation industry knowledge and experience of the team experts. Nearly 200 listed companies providing products and services for the aerospace industry chain have been collated and included. This figure, which exceeds the number of listed companies included in the traditional aerospace industry classification, is the result of an original study by the Aviation Industry Network.   

The listed companies in the Distribution map not only include well-known enterprises such as civil aviation enterprises, aerospace main manufacturers and aviation maintenance service providers, but also related enterprises in nearly 30 sub-industry fields such as aerospace materials, components and standard parts, airborne equipment and systems, avionics and aerospace information. Extensive radiation coverage, deep industrial depth and strong internal logic are the leading advantages of Distribution Map.   


According to the distribution Map, jiangsu province, Beijing, Guangdong Province, Shaanxi Province and Sichuan Province rank the top five in terms of geographical distribution, with 10 or more listed companies in the aerospace industry chain. Jiangsu and Guangdong ranked first and third in the number of listed aerospace enterprises, which are inseparable from their developed equipment manufacturing base and numerous listed companies.   


The distribution map also reveals the industrial chain segmentation of listed companies. Among them, aerospace materials enterprises (including forgings, etc.) the largest number of enterprises. Material products with strong versatility, wide customer coverage, there is a huge space for growth. It can be foreseen that in the industrial wave of China's increasingly mature engine and continuous development of air and space, a number of new listed companies will be produced in the field of materials. At the same time, we also see that more and more leading enterprises outside the industry are actively participating in the development of the industry chain, and the aerospace materials field will usher in more competition and cooperation.   


The aerospace industry has always been supported and encouraged by national policies, with high "certainty" and sufficient "hard" science and technology content, covering a wide range of national economy. In the current critical period when China is promoting industrial upgrading and transformation, constantly improving the ability to solve the "bottleneck" problem, and constantly improving the localization rate, aerospace related industries have become a hot track for capital investment.   


According to the distribution pattern of market value in the Distribution Map (based on March 18, 2022), the market value distribution of aerospace industry is similar to that of all a-share listed companies, and leading enterprises have A large market share. Among them, there are 7 listed companies in the aerospace industry with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan, and 14 with a market value of more than 50 billion yuan. These leading enterprises, the industry is mostly familiar.   

The market value of less than 10 billion accounted for nearly 60%. Aviation industry network believes that such listed companies as a whole have a huge room for growth. The key to its growth is whether it can serve the broader market with the core competence cultivated and exercised by the aerospace industry. More importantly, with the continuous development of the industry, the overall scale of Listed companies in China's aerospace industry will continue to expand, and more high-quality investment targets and "unicorns" will emerge in the high-end manufacturing industry derived from China's aerospace industry.   

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