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C919 flew to Beijing! Domestic large aircraft to challenge Boeing, Airbus, open trillion market, wil

Issuing time:2022-09-17 10:10

The much-anticipated domestic large aircraft C919 usheredin the latest progress.

According to the data of FMS APP, two C919sflew to Beijing Capital Airport in the morning of September 13. According tothe data, the two C919 aircraft with registration numbers B-001F and B-001Jrespectively took off from Shanghai Pudong Airport at 9:06am and 9:40amrespectively, and landed at Beijing Capital International Airport at 10:51amand 11:27am on the same day.

According to media reports, the two C919airliners are traveling mainly to prepare for the certificate. According to thecurrent plan, on September 19, a symbolic day, the Civil AviationAdministration of China will issue an airworthiness certificate for the C919 inBeijing.

On September 13, the Times reporter askedCommercial Aircraft Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as"COMAC") for proof of the above information, but had not received aneffective response by press time.

C919 large passenger aircraft is China'sself-developed in accordance with international civil aviation regulations, withindependent intellectual property rights of large jet civil aircraft, focusingon meeting the domestic and international demand for large and medium capacity,to adapt to the "point-to-point" domestic routes and short-haulinternational routes. Public information shows that the C919 seat class for158-168 seats, range of 4075-5555 km, has a total of 28 customers 815 orders.

Affected by this news, A shares of thelarge aircraft sector stocks rose. Lvang Technology (603261.SH), Tongda shares(002560.SZ) rose one after another, Runbei aviation science (001316.SZ) threeconsecutive board.

Application for airworthiness has been made to theEuropean Aviation Authority

Large aircraft investment in research anddevelopment time is long and the technical threshold is high.

From the launch of the Yun-10 project inthe 1970s, after half a century and the efforts of several generations ofaviators, the domestic large aircraft has now gradually come to maturity. 2015,the first C919 aircraft was officially assembled off the production line, andsuccessfully made its maiden flight in 2017.

On May 14, 2022, the first flight test ofthe first C919 large aircraft to be delivered to the first user by COMAC wassuccessfully completed. COMAC said that the test flight certification anddelivery preparations for the C919 large aircraft are progressing in an orderlymanner.

In August of the same year, COMAC"officially announced" the completion of the C919 aircraft testflight certification work. This means that the C919 aircraft certification workentered the final stage, and began to sprint to obtain the type certificate.After obtaining the type certificate, COMAC, as the manufacturer, can deliverthe C919 to customers.

According to the official website of COMAC,the C919 has completed the project demonstration, feasibility study andpre-development phase, and is now in the engineering development phase.

According to media reports, COMAC has filedan airworthiness application with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)for the C919 aircraft in preparation for a potential export order, which hasbeen accepted by EASA. According to the Civil Aviation Shanghai ValidationCenter, the main review body for the C919 aircraft, the EASA side haspreviously been involved in several endorsement reviews of the C919 aircraft.The first step to obtain China's type certificate of conformity is also one ofthe steps to obtain EASA's airworthiness certificate for the C919 aircraft andexport.

Trillion dollar market for domestic aircraft

Boeing and Airbus have long monopolized theglobal civil mainline airliner market, with a total of 1,034 commercialaircraft deliveries in 2021, of which Boeing delivered 340 and Airbus 611,accounting for 92% of global deliveries.

Among them, the C919 is the mainlinenarrow-body airliner, which is the most demanded type in the civil airlinermarket.

Among the models offered by Boeing andAirbus, competing models with similar seating capacity are Boeing's 737-800 and737MAX8, and Airbus' A320neo.

Zhao Dongyang, an aircraft designerinvolved in the C919 aircraft project, said in a previous interview with theTimes, "The C919 has been benchmarked against Boeing's 737 series andAirbus' A320 series from the beginning of its design."

Yang Zhigang, pre-research chief of COMAC,said in a media interview that most of the performance indicators of thedomestic large aircraft C919 are on par with the current Airbus A320 and Boeing737, and even better than the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 in terms ofaerodynamic layout.

The successful maiden flight of the C919 isthe fourth country in the world to have the ability to independentlymanufacture large mainline passenger aircraft. The scale and standardization oflarge aircraft manufacturing also promote the development of the upstream anddownstream of the aviation manufacturing industry chain, giving rise to theindustry cluster effect.

According to a research report by ZheshangSecurities (10.100, -0.62, -5.78%), the delivery volume and delivery value ofdomestic passenger aircraft in the next 20 years are estimated by taking thethree main types of aircraft of COMAC, ARJ21, C919 and CR929, in conjunctionwith the forecast of COMAC. After 2031, ARJ21 will continue to be producedsteadily, C919 will have an annual output of more than 100 aircraft, CR929 willbe delivered, the full series of domestic passenger aircraft will be massproduced, and the market size of domestic civil aircraft will climb to morethan 100 billion.

Guohai Securities (3.380, -0.15, -4.25%)said, C919 is the largest demand in the civil airliner market, the domesticlarge aircraft industry chain breeding trillion space or gradually open.

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